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J&J is the best choice for environmental cleanup in PA

Solved More Environmental  Problems Than Many Other Environmental Agency in PA

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You would think we are too expensive, It’s the opposite that’s why everyone calls J&J Environmental. We provide the best value, price, and quality environmental services in PA.

Tank Removal

Tank RemovalWe vacuum out tanks before cutting them open

We clean tanks and wipe them down prior to removal or closure in place

Many of our competitors simply just pump out the free oil and remove the tank with the residual sludge still in the tank.  This can result in a release if a hole opens while pulling an old tank out of the ground.  It is also illegal to ship tanks to the scrap yard with oil sludge in them.

We use a Photoionization Detector (PID) Meter to screen soils onsite to determine if a release has occurred.

We take soil samples from under the tank according to PADEP sampling protocols and submit them to PADEP Certified environmental laboratories for analysis to provide the official documentation needed to prove a tank did not leak or that a cleanup has been done properly.


We have some of the best insurance in the business that includes:

  • General Liability
  • Pollution Liability
  • Workers Compensation
  • Professional Liability with an Umbrella rider for 5 million dollars


Environmental EquipmentWe own our equipment

  • Backhoes
  • Excavators
  • Vacuum Trucks
  • Dump Trucks
  • Rolloff Trucks
  • Box Trucks


Environmental QualificationsWe do not use subcontractors for our tank removal projects.

We have 5 managers and supervisors on staff with PADEP regulated tank removal certification (UMR/AMR)

We have 4 owners/managers on staff with a combined 150 years experience.

We have a great relationships with regulatory agencies.

We have great relationships with local municipalities and counties.

Permits & Documentation

We obtain all required permits and have a utility clearance completed for each project.

We provide the best tank reports in the business that include a full narrative of actions, photographs, disposal documentation, laboratory analysis reports, backfill documentation, and permits. This provides the homeowner with all the documentation needed to prove the job was done right and to eliminate any issues regarding the tank in a future sale of the property.

We are prompt, honest and effective.

Management & Remediation

Environmental TestingWe visit all tank removal sites prior to providing proposals to look at logistics in order to tailor equipment & pricing to the need of the situation.

We can manage and remediate soil contamination from start to finish and not walk away if there is contamination present.  Some of our competition is just there to remove the tank and go home.  We get the job done.  For complex or groundwater projects we have a list of highly experienced consultants we bring in to help us get the cleanup done.

We can handle the most complex oil spill situations –  Exterior, Interior, Surface water, soils, groundwater.  We have completed cleanups where full 275-gallon oil tanks have ruptured in the basement of homes.


OSHA25 years of residential tank removal experience

We have done over 1,000 residential tank removals & closures

Our crews are OSHA trained and experienced work crews


We are dedicated to our customers and treat our customers fairly. We never overbill in an emergency response situation.

Service Areas in PA

Philadephia County PA

Montgomery County PA

Bucks County PA

Berks County PA

Chester County PA

Delaware County PA

Lehigh County PA

Northhampton County PA