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Top Gas, Oil and Fuel Tank Removal Services In PA

Basement oil Tank Removal PATanks can require removal from your property for many reasons. Over time they begin to corrode and leak fluids. Leaking fluids can be a hazard to the environment as well as a health and safety issue to your family, or customers if your tank is leaking at your place of business.

Identifying and dealing with a problematic tank is critical to ensure the health and safety of the environment, your family and/or your staff and customers.

Testing and reporting on your tank removal is critical to ensure your tank has been removed in an approved manner following standard guidelines.

Fuel T R PA

Removing fuel tanks can be necessary due to leakage, upgrading storage capacity or replacing with a new tank. No matter what your reason for needing your fuel tank removed, J&J Environmental can provide with approved fuel tank removal services. Our technicians are experienced in above ground and below ground fuel T R and will guide you in the process necessary to remove your fuel tank.

Fuel TanksOil T R PA

Oil tanks can have a limited life span and will eventually need to be replaced. Leakage of oil into the ground can cause soil contamination and cause further damage to the surrounding environment. Our professional team members are knowledgeable in identifying issues with your oil tank and the surrounding location. We will determine the best course of action to take to remove your oil tank and protect the surrounding environment. Contact J&J your local oil T R contractor with more experience and no hassle for you.

Gas T R PA

Whether residential or commercial, removing gas tanks must be performed using certified processes that ensure the surrounding environment is protected and no contamination occurs during the removal process. We have the proper equipment, experienced technicians, and proven processes to remove your gas tank while maintaining the integrity of the surrounding location.

Underground T R PA

PA underground T R CompanyRemoving tanks that are located underground can be a delicate process. From ensuring essential lines are protected during the removal process to extracting the tank intact and preventing contamination to the surrounding areas, underground T R takes patience, attention to detail, proper equipment, and an experienced professional team.

Documenting your T R process is critical for verification of clean up. We provide closure reports for all underground tank projects that include: summary of the closure activities, soil sample analytical results (compared to PADEP Residential Statewide Health Soil Standards), photographs and disposal documentation.

J&J Environmental can remove your underground tank using current quality standards,  approved processes and provide you with all the documentation you need to verify your tank has been successfully removed following approved guidelines.

Basement Oil T R PA

It is vital that basement tanks are properly maintained and in good working order at all times due to the proximity of people residing near the unit. Tanks located in basements can be challenging for removal depending upon access to the tank itself. J&J Environmental has removed many basement tanks and we are experienced in determining how to best remove a basement tank while leaving a minimal impact to the surrounding location.

Above Ground TankAbove Ground Fuel T R PA

About ground oil tanks often develop leaks due to exposure to the elements. Removing and replacing above ground oil tanks is critical to ensure the proper function of the unit and to maintain the safety and integrity of the surrounding environment and prevent soil contamination. Our professional team members are experienced in quickly removing and replacing above ground oil tanks and will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision in the removal of your above ground oil tank.

Our Services Include:

  • Tank DemoUnderground T R
  • Above-ground T R
  • Basement T R
  • 25 years of residential T R experience
  • Over 1,000 residential T Rs & closures
  • All accessible tanks cleaned prior to removal
  • OSHA trained and experienced work crews
  • All required local permits obtained
  • Underground utility clearance for all excavations
  • 300-gallon vacuum truck for tight locations
  • Tank Foam system for use on projects where tanks cannot be removed and need to be closed in place
  • Urgency and competency needed for real estate transactions and property sales.
  • Professional Closure Reports documenting your project

PA T R Reports

We provide closure reports for all underground tank projects that include: summary of the closure activities, soil sample analytical results (compared to PADEP Residential Statewide Health Soil Standards), photographs and disposal documentation.


Tank- Closure Report

Tank Removal Analysis

Tank Removal Labratory Report

PA T R Reimbursement Programs

We prepare the PADEP Underground Heating Oil Tank Cleanup Reimbursement Program Application for clients where contamination is encountered and remediated. The PADEP Heating Oil Tank program provides up to $4,000 to homeowners and businesses that clean up contamination encountered during removal of their non-regulated underground storage tanks.

We can provide PADEP Land Recycling Program (Act 2) Reports for projects where contamination is encountered and remediated to PADEP standards. An Act 2 report is voluntary and when completed and approved by PADEP, provides the property owner a release of liability for the cleanup.

T R for Realtors in PA

We work with Realtors throughout southeastern PA and the region to provide T R services.  Our prompt services and professional reports provide the level of service needed for real estate transactions.

See the link below for information from the National Association of Realtors on the rebound in Home Sales in September 2014.  Don’t wait until the last minute to address any environmental issues related to the sale or purchase of the home.


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