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PA Emergency Oil Spills Response Company and Equipment We Are Ready, Exists to Respond and Clean Up Fuel Spills   We Have The Oil Spill Response Equipment – Call J&J Environmental Response Services- Call 610 277 4511 Never be left at the mercy of a...

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Lehigh County PA: Lehigh County is named after the Lehigh River. The Lehigh River received its name from the Delaware Indian term Lechauweki or Lechauwekink which means “where there are forks”. The county was form in 1812 but was first settled around 1730....

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 CALL: 610-277-4511  In PA The Company That Has One The Most Clients J&J Environmental Services   Delaware County PA:Henry Hudson “discovered” and explored this area in 1609. Delaware County was named for the Delaware River and was created from...

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 CALL: 610-277-4511  In PA The Company That Has One The Most Clients J&J Environmental Services   Bucks County PA: Bucks county was the location for a major turning point in the American War of Independence with the successful attack on Britain’s...