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National Reviews Oil Spill

Consequences of oil spills: a review and framework for informing …  Vol. 19, No. 2

Ecology and Society

by SE Chang – Cited by 13 – Related articles

Factors that influence oil spill consequences are myriad and range from the biophysical to the social. We provide a summary literature review and overview …

[A literature review on health effects of exposure to oil spill]. – NCBI…/18827503

National Center for Biotechnology Information

by M Ha – 2008 – Cited by 37 – Related articles

OBJECTIVES: Our objective is to review and summarize the previous studies on the health effects of exposure to oil spills in order to make suggestions for mid- …

The adverse health effects of oil spills: a review of the literature and a ……/21618948

National Center for Biotechnology Information

by BS Levy – 2011 – Cited by 13 – Related articles

Int J Occup Environ Health. 2011 Apr-Jun;17(2):161-7. The adverse health effects of oil spills: areview of the literature and a framework for medically evaluating …

Oil spill studies: A review of ecological effects | SpringerLink

Springer Science+Business Media

by JM Teal – 1984 – Cited by 186 – Related articles

We reviewed seven particularly well known and/or studied oil spills that have occurred since the National Academy of Sciences 1975 report, Petroleum in the …

The Doomsayers Were Wrong about the BP Oil Spill – | National Review…/doomsayers-were-wrong-about-bp-oils

National Review

Apr 23, 2015 – Five years ago this week, a blowout of BP’s Deepwater Horizon oil rig 40 miles from the Gulf Coast tragically claimed eleven lives and spilled 3 …

Review – Oil Spill Response

OSRL capability reviews help our clients reach the right oil spill and emergency management preparedness levels for the spill risks posed by their operations.

[PDF]Review on the effects of exposure to spilled oils on human health…/Review%20of%20oil%20spill%20hum…

University of Vermont

by F Aguilera – 2010 – Cited by 118 – Related articles

ABSTRACT: Harmful effects of oil spills on diverse flora and fauna species have been … The objective of this manuscript is to review the studies on the effects of …

[PDF]A Review of Literature Related to Oil Spill Solidifiers – U.S. Coast Guard…/Lit_review_oil_spill_solidifiers_PWSRCA…

United States Coast Guard

by M Fingas – 2008

This report is a review of the limited literature on oil spill solidifiers published from … The prime motivation for using solidifiers is to recover very small oil spills.