Rent & Purchase Environmental Materials & Supplies

Environmental issues typically are a unexpected event for most people and often leave people at a loss on how to deal with the issue they have on their hands. Having a readily available stock of environmental supplies is not something most people are equipped with. J&J Environmental Services understands that dealing with an environmental issue can be overwhelming for many people and we pride ourselves in helping you understand the cause of the issue and what remediation services are required to properly clean up the contamination.

Environmental Spill Supplies

As a convenience to our customers, we provide a complete line of spill supplies that can be rented or purchased to help you quickly and easily move through the remediation process.

Empty Drums

Empty drums are the most commonly used containers to hold and remove contaminated substances. Our 55 gallon drums are available in plastic and steel and can contain a variety of materials depending on your needs.

55-gallon drum

55 gallon drums are the industry standard and are capable of containing a variety of substances. Our 55 gallon drums are available in plastic and steel depending on the substance you need to contain. Our technicians can provide you with additional information to help you choose the proper drum for your contamination.

Plastic and Steel Drums

Plastic drums are economical, durable and yet lightweight. They are a great alternative to steel drums and can hold a variety of substances such as food products, hazardous waste materials, and other solid materials. Plastic drums are corrosion resistant and offer long lasting containment.

Steel drums are superior in strength and provide a solid, reliable structure that is capable of holding oil, chemicals and other containment products.

Totes for Rental (330 to 400 gallon)

Our rental totes range from 330 to 400 gallons.

Roll off Containers for Rental

Roll off containers are popular for temporary placement on site to maintain a safe and clean working environment. We can deliver a roll off container to your site’s location.

Temporary Tank Rental

Our temporary tank rentals range in 300 to 2,000 gallons.

Oil and Universal Absorbent Pads

Absorbent pads work great for any location that requires a fast response to spills. They are easy to access, multi-purpose and can absorb oil, oil based liquids or chemicals. Absorbent pads are often used as part of an oil spill clean up kit.

Spill Booms

Our spill booms come in 5 inch and 8 inch diameters.

Clay Absorbent

We can provide you with clay absorbent in addition to our top quality absorbent pads.

Poly Sheeting

Poly perfect solution to wide, long or extended spill containment requirements. Rather than using multiple pads or sheets, rolls allow sites to extend the absorbent the full length of the walkway or storage area. This reduces clean up times and provides coverage that is both effective and easy to use.


We can deliver any amount of stone to your project site quickly.

Crushed Concrete

We can provide crushed concrete to your work site.


We can provide and deliver topsoil to help you complete your project.

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