Oil Tank Removal – How To Remove Oil Tank From Basement


Oil Tank Removal
Prepare for your oil tank removal project. You will need a Sawzall, tarp, floor runner through home for protection to the outside door, Contractor’s trash bags, and kitty litter.

Use up as much oil as you can naturally.

Learn How To Remove Oil Tank From Basement 

Put that tarp down under and around the basement tank. Disconnect oil line. Drain any remaining from oil valve on bottom of tank. . Put container under oil tank valve where you just removed line and drain off remaining oil.

Use a Sawzall with metal blades and high speed to cut vent and fill lines. Lean the tank over onto the tarp. Proceed to cut tank into several pieces that can be carried out of basement. The sawzall will not spark any type of fire with the oil residue. Our company has removed thousands of tanks this way, but we always try to see if we can safely lift and remove the basement oil tank out of the basement first in one piece. *NOTE* be sure to remove the old vent and fill pipes sticking out to the outside and fill holes with a waterproof sealer. The last thing you want is someone trying to fill a tank that is not there. WEAR SAFETY GOGGLES. Get a 10lb. bag of kitty litter to put in tank and absorb any oil and dispose in a contractor’s trash bag. Take tank to a authorized scrap metal yard. Take unused oil and trash bags filled with kitty liter soaked with oil to a certified oil recovery station.

Home owners insurance does not cover oil spills or replace damaged property unless you have a special pollution insurance plan!

Oil Tank Removal

Now we make having your old oil tank extracted easy and low-cost. We offer rapid, efficient Pennsylvania oil tank elimination that you may expect, due to the fact we have the information, revel in, and wonderful gadget it takes to make sure your unwanted tank is closed, removed and disposed of in a manner that’s both secure and compliant with all relevant legal guidelines and policies.
NOTE: We always recommend having a professional with pollution insurance and workers compensation insurance who will give you a certificate that your tank was disposed of meeting EPA requirements.

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How To Remove Oil Tank In Basement

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