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King of Prussia, PA  in Upper Merion Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania,  its population was 19,936 of Its name was taken by the community from a neighborhood pub named the King of Prussia Inn, that was named after King Frederick II of Prussia in the 18th century. Just like the rest of Montgomery County, King of Prussia continues to experience high-speed development. Now the biggest shopping mall in America when it comes to space and size. The King of Prussia Mall, is found here. Also found here is the headquarters of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission Region I.

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Valley Forge National Historical Park is located west of King of Prussia

The eponymous King of Prussia Inn was originally built as a bungalow in 1719 creators of nearby Reeseville, from the Welsh Quakers William and Janet Rees. The bungalow did a steady business as it was about a day’s journey by horse from Philadelphia and was converted to an inn in 1769. Settlers would sleep traveling in the hostel on their very first night. In 1774 the Rees family hired James Berry to handle the hostel, which henceforth became known as “Berry’s Tavern”. While the Continental Army was encamped at Whitemarsh, general George Washington visited the pub; a few weeks after the military as well as Washington bivouacked at Valley Forge that was nearby.

The hostel was made to proceed together with the growth of U.S. Route 202. U.S. 202 is a leading north south highway that passes through the town from southwest to northeast. Its construction as a contemporary expressway could have caused the destruction of the King of Prussia Inn; yet, historical preservationists managed to prevail by building north and southbound lanes on both sides of it to prevent this significant structure. For over a quarter century the hostel was marooned with motor traffic whizzing past on either side, on a median island. It had been sealed up for years, encompassed with a high fence. The hostel opened to the general public in October 2002 and was relocated in 2000.

Parker’s spy map, created with a Tory sympathizer of the Kingdom of Great Britain, listed the hostel as “Berry’s” in 1777, however a local request in 1786 identified it as the “King of Prussia”. It was perhaps renamed in honor of Benjamin Franklin’s pro American satirical essay “An Edict by the King of Prussia”. At some point a wooden signboard of the hostel depicted King Frederick II (Frederick the Great) of Prussia. The hostel is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The King of Prussia Inn, circa 1919

The extensive suburban development which has taken place since the 1960s in King of Prussia has led urban planning scholars like Joel Garreau to label the region as an epitome of the edge city occurrence, a scenario where the most energetic economic growth and prosperity in a metropolitan area (in this particular scenario, Philadelphia) no longer happens in the urban center, but instead at its periphery. Before 1960, the Greater King of Prussia region was known for little more than being the location of Washington’s winter respite in 17778 (see Valley Forge National Historical Park).

His brother Philip Berrigan and Daniel Berrigan started their Plowshares Movement in King of Prussia in 1980 in the General Electric Weapons Plant. That occasion as well as the following court proceeding encompassing the ‘Plowshares Eight’ were drastically depicted by Emile de Antonio in the 1983 motion picture In the King of Prussia.

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Hanging Rock on which is now PA 320 in Gulph Mills, c. 1919

Even though the United States Postal Service office there still carries that name since 1850 there’s no integrated city of King of Prussia. The zip code is 19406. King of Prussia’s borders, as defined from the Census Bureau, are the Schuylkill River to the north, U.S. Route 422 to the west, Bridgeport to the east, and I76 to the south. But, the Greater King of Prussia Region is frequently mentioned to incorporate Bridgeport, parts of Wayne King Manor, and Radnor Township, along with the majority of Gulph Mills. The local fire department takes the King of Prussia name, while the school district as well as the police department take the Upper Merion name.

As stated by the United States Census Bureau, the CDP has a total area of 8.5 square miles (22 km2), of which 8.4 square miles (22 km2) is land and 0.1 square miles (0.26 km2), or 0.83%, is water.

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As of the 2010 census, the CDP was 69.4% White Non-Hispanic, 5.7% Black or African American, 0.3% Native American, 18.6% Asian, and 2.1% were two or more races. 4.2% of the residents were of Hispanic or Latino roots. 22.4% of the population was foreign born.[2]

As of the census[10] of 2000, there were , 8,245 18,511 homes, and 4,773 families residing in the CDP. The population density was 2,202.4 individuals per square mile (850.8/km2). There’s about 8,705 housing units at an average density of 1,035.7/sq mi (400.1/km2). The racial makeup of the CDP was 82.70% White, 10.62% Asian, 4.26% Black or African American, 0.16% Native American, 0.04% Pacific Islander, 0.84% from other races, and 1.39% from two or more races. 1.91% of the population were Hispanic or Latino of any race.

There were 8,245 homes, out of which 21.1% have children under the age of 18 living with them, 49.2% were married couples living together, 6.3% had a female householder with no husband present, and 42.1% were non-families. 33.1% of all households were made up of people, and 8.1% had someone living alone who was 65 years of age or older. The typical household size was 2.22 and the average family size was 2.89.

In the CDP the population was spread out, with 17.6% under the age of 18, 8.4% from 18 to 24, 35.1% from 25 to 44, 22.2% from 45 to 64, and 16.7% who were 65 years of age or older. The median age was 37 years. For every 100 females there were 97.6 men. For every 100 females age 18 and over, there were 96.1 men.

The median income for a household in the CDP was $62,012, and the median income for a family was $75,882. Men had a median income of $50,803 versus $37,347 for females. The per capita income for the CDP was . $32,070 3.2% of the population and 1.6% of families were below the poverty line. 1.8% of those under the age of 18 and 2.1% of those 65 and older were living below the poverty line.


Authorities and politics

Pennsylvania, Upper Merion Township, Montgomery County

The Upper Merion Township regulates the King of Prussia CDP. That is evidenced authorities vehicles current and by the political advertising. The government is run through an elected five person Board staggered six year periods.

King of Prussia Points of Interest

The King of Prussia Mall.

Additionally, leading commercial property owners in King of Prussia formed an organization in 2010 called the King of Prussia Business Improvement District which works to increase the physical surroundings, marketplace the place, and promoter for zoning, tax and transport policies that can keep King of Prussia competitive in the region.

Satellite perspective of King of Prussia Mall

King of Prussia comes with an unemployment rate of 4.30% and a yearly job increase of about 1.44% and 38% over the next ten years.[13] A big variable of that comes from the King of Prussia Mall, the biggest shopping complex in the United States by shopping place square footage and the numerous companies in the region.



Public school pupils in the King of Prussia area attend schools in the Upper Merion Area School District. Caley Road is included by the schools, Roberts, Bridgeport, and Candle brook Upper Merion Area Middle School, Primary and Upper Merion Area High School. King of Prussia also offers Mother Teresa Regional Catholic School, a Private school.

King of Prussia, PA Fuel Oil Spill CleanUp Oil Tank Removal

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