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No matter what kind of environmental contamination you are experiencing, J&J Environmental Services has the knowledge, experience, professional technicians, as well as the approved products and services to ensure your environmental issue is immediately addressed and properly dealt with to ensure the health and safety of your, your family or employees and the surrounding community.

Oil Spill Kit & Supplies


Oil Spill Supplies

We have all the supplies and equipment to clean up any type of spill you are experiencing. Whether you have an oil spill, chemical spill or fuel spill, we can provide you with approved products to contain and remove the spill and ensure the surrounding environment is safe and healthy for you, your family or employees and the local community.


55-Gallon Drums

55 Gallon DrumsWhether you need metal drums, plastic drums, drum tops, universal absorbent pads, or even clay absorbent, we have all the required supplies to ensure your environmental spill remediation is performed quickly and effectively with approved products and supplies. Our professional technicians are experienced in guiding you through the remediation process and outlining the equipment and supplies that will be needed to properly ensure all contamination is thoroughly removed and disposed of.

Environmental Response

Responding to an environmental issue right away is critical to ensure the contamination is contained in order to prevent further contamination of the surrounding areas. Our experienced team members will quickly assess your environmental issue and provide you with the knowledge you need to make an informed decision on how to proceed with proper remediation for your contamination problem.Soil Excavation


Remediation requires proper removal of all contamination using approved procedures and processes. J&J Environmental Services will provide you with approved supplies to ensure your remediation service is performed using current guidelines. All of our remediation services are performed to current approved standards and we will ensure all of your contamination is completely removed leaving you with a safe environment.

Environmental Remediation

Different types of contamination requires specific remediation processes to ensure the contaminated areas are properly cleaned using approved procedures and supplies. We will guide you through the remediation process according to the type of contamination you are experiencing and help you to make an informed decision on the best method to proceed with to complete your clean up and leave you with a safe and healthy environment.

Spill Clean Up

55-Gallon Plastic DrumThere are many types of spills that require immediate attention. Oil spills, chemical spills and fuel spills can become increasingly worse if not attended to right away and can result in contaminating more of the surrounding location if remediation services are not performed quickly and effectively. We are experienced in providing proper spill clean up products and services to ensure your contamination is quickly contained, professionally cleaned up and properly disposed of.


Oil Spill

Oil spills are one of the most common spills that can occur. Proper testing, preparation of the site and clean up are critical to be sure all contamination is located, retrieved and properly disposed of. Our professional technicians will assess the extent of your spill and provide recommendations on the best methods to properly remove the contamination. We can also provide you with approved containers to store and dispose of the oil and contaminated soil.

Oil Spill Response

Oil spills often happen quickly and unexpectedly. Having an experienced team on your side to attend quickly attend to the spill is critical to prevent further contamination. Our experienced response team is ready at a moment’s notice to respond to your request for an oil spill remediation. You can depend on J&J Environmental Services to ensure your oil spill is quickly contained, removed and disposed of to leave you with a safe environment.

Chemical Spill

Certain types of chemical spills can be extremely caustic and dangerous to the local environment as well as to people who may come in contact with the chemical. It is vital to ensure chemical spills are properly contained and disposed of to ensure the health and safety of everyone who may come in contact with the location. We provide approved containment systems to quickly remove and secure chemicals spills and ensure no further contamination occurs.


ISoil Testingt is critical for you to know if you have an environmental issue, and if you do, to what extent of contamination has taken place. This vital information needs to be obtained through testing. J&J Environmental Services provides all equipment and supplies to ensure proper testing is performed and your environmental issue is properly analyzed so you are aware of what amount of contamination you are dealing with and what type of remediation is required to ensure clean up is performed properly and complies with your local guidelines.

Soil Testing

Fluids and quickly and easily leech farther into the soil than many people expect. Our soil testing procedures will provide you with information that will determine just how much soil needs to be removed to ensure all contaminated soil is properly contained and disposed of.



Tanks can be used to store various types of liquids. Whether it is oil, gas or chemicals, keeping your tank in good shape is important to keep your system functioning properly and to protect the environment around the tank as well as the health and safety of everyone who comes in close proximity to the tank location.


Residential ExcavationOil Tank Removal

Oil tanks need to be removed for various reasons. Whether your oil tank is old and leaking or you are just looking to upgrade your system. J&J Environmental Services can quickly and safely remove your oil tank for you. Removing oil tanks can be a complex process depending on whether your tank is located above ground, below ground or in your basement. Our professional technicians have experience in removing tanks from all types of locations. We will provide you with the information you need to make the best decision on how to proceed with removing your oil tank.

Tank Cleaning

Regular maintenance of tanks is critical to ensure a properly functioning system. A build up of sludge can adversely affect the efficiency of your system.  When decommissioning a tank it will needTank Cleaning to be properly cleaned prior to being dissembled, removed and disposed of.  We provide the most advanced tank cleaning services that will protect personnel and also control emissions. Our professional technicians are certified to provide you with quality tank cleaning services. We are experienced in providing tank cleaning services for various industries and municipalities.  Our technicians have the experience and professional equipment to properly clean any type and size tank.

Roll Off Dumpster Rentals


Do you need Roll Off Dumpsters or debris removed from a construction project or soil relocated from an excavation site, we have the professional equipment to quickly haul away your debris and leave you with a safe project site. We regularly maintain a stock of quality roll offs ready to go at a moment’s notice to clean up your site. Our experienced drivers will ensure your roll off is where you want it and is removed when you call quickly and efficiently so your crew can continue to work in a safe environment.



Hauling & Transportation

Environmental Equipment

We have various heavy equipment vehicles ready to transport any item you need removed or delivered. Our vehicles are highly maintained and able to perform your requirements quickly. Our professional team members are trained and experienced and work quickly and efficiently to enable your project to continue to run smoothly and without interruption.



Our Transportation Equipment Includes:

  • Vacuum Tank Trucks
    • 2 x 3,000 gallon
    • 1 x 300 gallon
  • Box Truck
  • Rolloff Truck
    • Dumpsters – 30, 20, and 15 yard roll off containers
  • 5 Ton Dump Truck
  • 10 Ton Dump Truck
  • Tri-axle Dump Trucks – 10 plus trucks
  • Flatbed and Equipment Trailers
  • Dump Trailer

Our Materials and Supplies Includes:

  • Empty Drums
    • Poly and Steel
    • Various Sizes
  • Totes for Rental (330 to 400 gallon)
  • Cubic Yard Boxes, Liners & Pallets
  • Rolloff Containers for Rental
  • Temporary Tank Rental (300 to 2,000 gallons)
  • Oil and Universal Absorbent Pads
  • Spill Booms (5 and 8 inch diameter)
  • Clay Absorbent
  • Poly Sheeting
  • Stone / Crushed Concrete / Topsoil
  • We sell and rent various materials and supplies needed for environmental projects.
  • Materials and supplies can be picked up at our warehouse or delivered.
  • Contact us for a price list and scheduling pickup or delivery.

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