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Dumpster Size

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We have the measurements of a dumpster rental and know the number of cubic yards of debris that the dumpster size can hold with this formulation:

  • Multiply length X width X height in feet to get complete cubic feet
  • Split total cubic feet by 27 for amount of cubic meters

Dumpster dimensions are generally given in feet and are measured from the exterior of the container. To have a more accurate inner volume, use inside measurements by shaving 6 to 8 inches or so off of every exterior dimension (i.e., an 8 ft. outside width becomes 7.3 ft. interior diameter).

Considerations when Choosing a container size

Estimating the quantity of your debris is easy to get the right container sizes, particularly for household junk, roofing or building debris. Selecting the right size is the most important information needed. Whatever your job, getting the size right is step one in having a fantastic trash dumpster rental experience.


Size Typical Exterior Dimensions Max. Volume
10 yard dumpster 12 ft. long by 8 ft. wide by 3.5 ft. high 10 cubic yards
20 yard dumpster 22 ft. long by 8 ft. wide by 4 ft. high 20 cubic yards
30 yard dumpster 22 ft. long by 8 ft. wide by 6 ft. high 30 cubic yards
40 yard dumpster 22 ft. long by 8 ft. wide by 8 ft. high 40 cubic yards


Picking a dumpster that is too small can be an expensive error

In case you’ve got 15 yards of debris and you attempt to save a few dollars by trying to squeeze your debris into a 10-yard dumpster, then it probably will result in you paying a whole lot more than necessary. You’ll likely need a “switch out.” That is when the dumpster service provides another empty 10-yard dumpster, drops it in your place, and hauls away your entire dumpster. This ends up costing you exactly double your initial 10 yard price. Purchasing a 20-yard container up front would have been much cheaper. Find out more about dumpster rental price at our manual to skip prices.

Another no-no… do not overfill the dumpster!

Your debris needs to be level with or beneath the cap of the container or you are headed for more hassle and cost.

It could be tempting to address a “my dumpster is too little” problem by stacking the debris high above the rim of the skip. Big mistake! The dumpster service can’t legally haul your debris on the street with it stacked over the top. It’s a significant road hazard. Generally, the roll-off driver will leave and you will be advised that the dumpster cannot be picked up till you level it. You will be billed a “trip charge” typically in that instance. Other times, the driver might jump up and level your van, by throwing debris out. You’ll most likely be charged an “overfilling fee” and you will have a heap of debris leftover which you still must eliminate.

Dumpsters space tight, double check measurements

If you will need the dumpster delivered to a small driveway or street, make certain to double check the measurements of the dumpster with the hauler and compare it to the space you have available.

When contemplating the distance you need, bear in mind the dumpsters typically have an 8 ft. wide door that swings open on the trunk. If you’re planning on loading through the door (instead of throwing debris over the top), then add another 8 feet of the length required for the door to swing open.

Trash container sizes are the same for both construction dumpsters as well as commercial containers.


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