About J&J Environmental Services Contractors

J&J Environmental Services travels to a broad range of counties (and beyond) in Pennsylvania to perform environmental services and meet our client’s environmental needs.

Contractors for environmental services includes:

24 Hr. emergency spill response

Fuel oil spill cleanup

Tank removal

Tank cleaning

Fuel oil remediation

Environmental hauling

Oil excavation

Soil Testing


Our technicians are trained professionals that are knowledgeable, experienced and certified. Our technicians will provide you with the information you need to make an educated decision on the best course of action to take to correct your environmental issue.

As contractors we have been providing local environmental services for 40 years to county, state, government, township and local homeowners. We pride ourselves on creating healthy and safe neighborhoods in our communities and our happy customers are a testament to our top quality customer service.

J&J Environmental Services Contractors

J&J Environmental Services also provides transportation and truck hauling services.

J&J Environmental Services Transportation Highlights

  • Fleet of 12 plus steel Triaxle Dump Trucks
  • Stone and Rock Transportation
  • Permitted Residual Waste Hauler
  • Full Service Truck Repair and Inspection Shop